ANGER management and STRESS


Anger is a normal, healthy emotion it can be energising. Anger can be damaging, outburst's of anger – especially when directed towards our close friends or loved ones. Repeated angry outbursts can also have a devastating impact on our relationships, both professionally and personally, causing us even more misery and even putting us and those close to us in danger. But managing anger can be a problem for many people who find it difficult to keep their anger under control.


Health issues linked to unresolved anger include high blood pressure, heart attack, depression, anxiety, colds, flu and problems with digestion. But anger doesn’t have to be a problem.


You can learn to control your anger, and you have a responsibility to do so , anger can feel intimidating, to others there are many healthier ways to channel your anger and to take back control. If you want work on your anger, feel back in control,


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