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A warm welcome to my website, my names Gina Lee, I am here for you when talking really helps. There is something amazing about being listened to and heard by another, and it is rare in our busy lives. Telling your story, often for the first time, can help to unlock what is stopping you living your life to the full. I will listen to you without judgement, accept and support you to make changes you want to make. You may be challenged to look at things differently. I can help you see things more clearly, look at your difficulties and find ways to make changes in your life. You may want to talk about problems happening now or from earlier in your life. Either way I am here for you. I can work empathically and compassionately alongside you at your pace offering a warm healing and safe space.  

My practice is Integrative, meaning my style of working

Integrative counselling looks at the whole person, taking into account your mental, physical and emotional needs. As your therapist, I will use techniques and tools from different modalities to tailor an individual approach for you.

An integrative counsellor aims to build a trusting and non-judgmental relationship that helps you develop self-awareness. When you understand the causes of your concerns or triggers for your behaviour, you can confidently set goals and develop new behaviours to improve your satisfaction with life.

I work with the assumption that my clients are seeking a resolution as to the difficulties they may have, in terms of their emotional state. My experience informs me that when clients enter an accepting counselling relationship, they can develop courage to freely express their thoughts and feelings. To feel understood, listened too, they can then go forward and further develop their own inner resources. I believe strongly in my clients’ personal power to grow, with the freedom to change.


I passionately believe in the powerful effect that a good counselling relationship can have and I have more than 13 years of professional experience in many fields of counselling, therefore I offer a relationship of warmth and empathy this can help encourage the changes you want. Through the Humanistic approach clients who seek to resolve and deal with a wide variety of psychological and emotional issues are able to do so in a safe and non-jugdemental supportive environment.

I welcome men, women, couples, all couples ie same-sex couples and young people - regardless of the problem or situation. I will work with you to help you understand the root of the problem and then help and encourage you to make the changes necessary for you to manage, overcome, live or accept with whatever concerns you in a healthier and more positive way.


An important factor in determining the speed and success of your recovery is your choice of therapist. You must choose someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts, knowing that whatever you say is held in complete confidence; that you will be heard with care and without judgement.




Qualifications: I have trained at Brighton University and Eastbourne and Oxford Counselling institutions and have more than 13years of experience working with NHS, charities and private counselling sectors in and around Brighton, Eastbourne, and Oxfordshire. I am an Accredited member and registered with: BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy), - you can find me in the “Find a Therapist” section of their website (www.bacp.co.uk)and the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). I am an registered Bupa mental health and Well-being therapist. Registered member of CPC Counsellors in primary care.

​"I'm here to support you on your journey"
MOB: 07947 300 015

EMAIL: ginaleetherapist@gmail.com

Gina has moved to:
Old stables
27 High street
Middleton Cheney
OX17 2PA
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